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Game Details

The battle between Japanese anime characters Bleach vs Naruto 3.9 Hurricane Chronicles (Naruto) game characters and the main anime characters is presented in the game gaming site fog-game.ru, which contains many characters in the new version 3.9. 10 years have passed since the first release of this game, and each new version has become better: an improved character balance scale that makes everyone's play so interesting, the user interface has become more useful and responsive to the computer, but still a question, but technical experts you can always handle it. Are you in the Ninja team or the shinigami death gods? In this version, additional characters from Naruto were added as Uchiha Madara from Naruto, Bliche by Grimmjo Jagerjak, Gene Ishimaru, Henrisuai Sigekuni Yamamoto, Bliche, Shikamaru Nara and Uchiha Obito. In addition, productivity increases in intermediate graphics. There was also a button to select a random character and location. Who is more powerful: Uzumaki Naruto in Ichigo Kurosaki mode with a heir or a bank? Renji Abaray wants to measure his power against Sasuke Uchiha. But who would prefer to resist Ikkaku Madarame and Madara? Choose your favorite characters and battle to defeat Forward!

How to Play?

Player 1: W, A, S, D = go to the menu. J = approx. L = cancel
Player 2: ↑, ←, →, ↓ = go to the menu. 1 = accept. 3 = back.

During the game:

ESC = call menu.
W, A, S, D = Go to the menu. J = approx.
Player 2: ↑, ←, →, ↓ = go to the menu. 1 = accept.