Super Smash Flash 1 - (SSF 1)

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Super Smash Flash 1 - (SSF 1) Super Smash Flash - SSF1 is a fighting game against various comic books, games and cartoon characters. The game can be played alone against the computer, in adventure mode and in classic format. You must first pick your hero. These can be: Pikachu, Mario, Sonic and only. Everything remains manageable just to make a choice. You can also adjust the degree of difficulty and the number of lives independently. You will find yourself on a platform full of various obstacles, traps and villains that need to be overcome and survive. Depending on which character the player chooses, the location, the bad guys and the obstacles change. The hero must run to the finish line defined as the transition percentage. With this information, you can draw conclusions about how long you have finished. Also collect bonuses that increase your points along the way. Each Hero Super Smash Flash has its own superpower because it can fight monsters.