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FNAF 7 - FNAF7! Also known as Five Nights at Freddy's 7, this gruesome adventure is available on this site. All you have to do in the game is to survive until morning. When you look at the camera left and right, you protect yourself from dangerous lap. This is Freddie, Chick and Bonnie. Starting at 12:00 and lasting until 6 in the morning, the office is on the left. Move the mouse to the right and follow your rooms from the camera systems. You can restart the left side of the camera, the audio system and the ventilation. They start again when they're broken. If you love apk Freddie games, you can wait five nights for the fourth installment. This time your animatronics will visit your home. You have to survive five nights locked in your home, try to go through an animation spoiler from anywhere in the house without your permission. Facilities include a flashlight, which takes light and surprises them in your home. You must be very careful to warn them to neutralize the deadly trap and go unnoticed. This game is not recommended for people with heart problems, because there are surprise scenes that will allow you to jump from the chair. This is a graphic adventure game mixed with horror. No need to download the game Aptoide or wasted time! Can I survive five nights in the dark?