Raft Wars 3

Raft Wars 3 PLAY GAME
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Raft Wars 3 Raft Wars 3 is an exciting game the only way to knock down a gun with a knocked down tennis ball was to check out the skill and precision of each nivel.Pentru was to manage its purpose because it appeared on our website that the purple paint in a bucket pool. Security will follow you and you have to eliminate them all at once. There will be security men you have to hit right. With the money you collect you must buy bullets: tennis balls, paint, bombs etc. In this joculete you are the only mouse that you have to shoot a gun in the battle liferaft pool. As it progresses to higher levels it can be increasingly difficult to successfully reach the goal, so you need to be more informed and better prepared. If you get hit, you will lose life if it ends if you end up having to start the whole game.