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Game Details

Super Smash Flash 2 v0.9b despite all the opposition and quick reaction, you have all the qualities of a real fight, from a strong character determined to go to the end? Immediately show all the benefits of Super Smash Flash 2. And to make the process more fun and truly memorable, invite your friends to choose the number of participants for one to three people! Play as a team unless you are a single winner, or fight each man on your own. All battles will be made in colorful and well-known retro arenas. I saw them in games for consoles. Yes, and you should immediately know the characters that will participate in the game in different levels. With its nine tails, no one has ever won and you can choose between cute Pikachu yellow pale ultra-fast Sonic, Kirby, funny and extremely tired plumber Mario Naruto. Choose your favorite hero and prepare for a great adventure. If you decide to play with friends, specify the "group" mode. The "CPU" is the best to show their skills in a single round. Now the toon views are p1, p2, p3 etc. Carry on the buttons. If this is your first time, take a minute to watch the video. This will help to understand the fascinating and management features. Try to stroke and ligaments for solo fashion attacks. When you learn to control the character completely, you can continue practicing with your serious competitors. The conditions of the game allow you to use all available warrior abilities and use bonuses. But before you get the first bonus, you should only manage the hero's fighting skills. Keep track of time and act more actively. Be a winner!

How to Play?

The first player.
Movement and jumping - WASD.
Special attack - P, O (lat.)
Capture - U. Defense - I. Trick - 1.

Second player.
Movement - arrow keys.
Special attack - Num3, Num2.
Capture - Num5. Protection - Num1. The trick is Num4.
(If you do not have Num keys, replace them with any others).

The control keys of the 3rd and 4th players are watched and changed by yourself. Each duel lasts 2 minutes (this time can be changed - the Rules button).